Music, because of its specific and far-reaching metaphorical powers,
can name the unnamable and communicate the unknowable.

Leonard Bernstein


We warmly welcome you to the homepage of our string duo One World Classic Duo Live.
In a time dominated by electronic media in the visual and auditory arena we are convinced, more than ever, of one fact:
The experience of live-music: to see the artist play live remains a very special moment, a timeless aesthetic pleasure, the experience of which no audience can escape. This is exactly what we would like to offer you and your guests.
The programme we currently offer can be seen in our listed repertoire or we can design a unique programme exactly to your needs.
Our music repertoire is particularly suitable for:

  • official government events and international conferences
  • diplomatic missions in the Germany Foreign Office
  • embassies, consular representations, representations of federal state governments in Berlin
  • inaugurations, bestowal of decorations, celebration of the Federal Cross of Merit
  • trade associations, trade summits, signing of major agreements and contracts
  • product presentations, company celebrations like anniversaries and jubilees etc.
  • concerts

Our aim is to provide a pleasant atmosphere during the successful progression of your political, economical or personal talks and events. We would like to contribute a highly professional performance so that your special event becomes a very special one indeed.